DermaSeptic is a multifunctional tool. It treats acne, cold sores, herpes outbreaks, fungus, fever blisters and rashes which are caused by bacteria and viruses that develop beneath the skin’s surface. Topical creams and salves can’t penetrate to reach viruses where they live. The website states it works on warts; however, most of the reviews I have read show no success of wart treatment.

DermaSeptic painlessly delivers natural anti-microbial silver ions directly to the infected tissue and because of this it can’t be rubbed off.

I have a friend who suffers from an auto-immune illness that causes her to break out in “herpes” like lesions around her mouth and cheek area. She bought one of these a few years ago and whenever she feels that “little tingle” one is about to pop up she uses the DermaSeptic on it. She says it has been a “lifesaver” for her!

Google for best price as I have seen they definitely vary!

  • Average cost is approximately $50 – $99.00