The New Eyecurl II, a heated lash curler is by far my favorite daily tool! This “open-wand” type curler heats to a comfortably warm level and safely curls your lashes both with and without mascara. Uses 1 AA battery and needs approximately 15-30 seconds to heat.

The most awesome thing about this lash curler is it does not do the damage of the traditional “crimping” style lash curlers our moms used. No “kink” in the lash and no lashes being torn out by the roots! You simply start at the the lash line at about a 75°-90° angle and move up lashes every couple of seconds. It is amazing how long it makes your lashes look! One of my clients asked me if I had false eyelashes in because they were so perfectly curled by this little gizmo!

Small downside: You will go through lots of AA batteries! On average I replace about once a month.

  • Most Ebay sellers are from overseas – make sure to check their rating and get free shipping if possible.
  • Average cost $12 – $15