Since MicroCurrent Face Lifts (Lunchtime/Dinnertime Lifts) are a new service offered at A Beautiful Face & Skin Care, I wanted to mention some  home maintenance tools available to give you the option of purchasing your own maintenance or scheduling treatments with an esthetician at 4-6 week intervals.

Note: If you use one of these devices in conjunction with the professional microcurrent treatment you will obtain lasting results much quicker not to mention you will already have it available to maintain your results. At home maintenance devices do not have the strength of spa equipment. It will take longer to obtain the results at home that it takes in just a few treatments from an esthetician.

NuFACE is a hand-held home microcurrent device that is FDA cleared for facial toning and stimulation.

The manufacturer sent me sign up info in order to distribute/sell from my treatment room, but at the moment it is a bit out of budget constraints to buy into. You can bet it is something on my “to-do” list!

Their website is and I would encourage you to order from them directly.

For the most part they have 2 model types: Trinity (newest) and Classic which comes in different colors. They also mentioned a model that appears to be for professional estheticians called Advanced. It was not clear as to whether this unit would be sold to the public.

They have “refreshed” Classic models which have been refurbished at quite a savings. The Trinity model runs about $100 more than the Classic and boasts a “Smart Skin Sensor” which picks up minuscule changes in your skin’s hydration level which alters the conductivity for microcurrent success.

  • Average cost for Trinity:                        $325.00
  • Average cost for Classic:                       $249.00
  • Average cost for Refreshed Classic:    $175.00
  • Website: