While I was learning more about the Tanda Zap, I happened to notice they have a few other interesting gizmos as well. Yes, it’s true – I am a “gizmo girl”!

Tanda started out with LED array devices (I mentioned the Tanda Zap in an earlier blog) and now they have about 5 devices including both red and blue LED treatments, a smaller blue light treatment that is very affordable, IPL permanent hair reduction and ionic teeth whitening system. Blue light therapy is used for acne and red light therapy is used for wrinkle reduction and collagen boosting. Their company website is tanda.com (go figure?!).

Personally I will be saving up for the Tanda Pearl (ionic teeth whitening system)! Each of the devices they sell come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Average cost Tanda Pearl:  $195.00