I have had a few clients who have asked me about the Zeno device. This device has been around for over 10 years now. The tips of Zeno tools needs to be replaced every 35 – 90 blemishes – yes, I did say blemishes so if you break out a lot you will be replacing the tip (at $40 each) quite frequently! Both models use heat treatment but no blue light to kill bacteria. The Heat Treat is used in conjunction with a blemish prevention lotion. The Hot Spot appears not to require lotion.

From the reviews I have read and, I believe the Tanda zap to be superior and if you add up tip replacement you could run into quite a bit of cost.

  • Average cost Zeno Heat Treat & lotion $50.00
  • Average cost Zeno Hot Spot $39.99
  • Average cost Tip replacement $40.00